Silver-colloid creator equipment user’s manual.


The equipment may be used only with distilled water purchased in pharmacy, and 99.99% pure silver electrode!

Following connecting the power source, touching the electrodes is prohibited!

You can produce very high quality solution in the required density.

In order to produce high quality colloid, it is important to provide 1 mA current on the electrode, and the equipment shall automatically switch the polarity of the electrodes.

Below 1 mA current, the time required to produce colloid significantly increases. Above 1 mA, the size of the silver ‘particles’ will be higher in the solution.

Use of the equipment:

Connect the silver electrodes to the equipment.

Locking screws of the silver electrodes may be tightened manually.

Do not use screwdriver, because it may press and damage the electrode.

Technical parameters:

Electrode voltage: 60V DC

Electrode current: set to 1 mA

Polarity switch: in every 60 seconds


99.99% pure silver electrode is mandatory!

Electrodes from uncertain sources shall not be used!

Jewellers do not use silver of this kind of purity.


Place the prepared equipment onto a glass filled with distilled water:

To produce silver colloid, use distilled water purchased in the pharmacy!

Neither pipe-water, nor water purified with osmosis water purifier shall be used!


If the electrodes are in water, the LED ‘Electrode current’ lights.

Green LEDs (showing polarity switch) switch in every 60 seconds.

Depending on the quantity and the temperature, colloid production may take 6-48 hours.

You can check the process using a TDS meter.

The process may be accelerated by heating, but it shall never exceed 56 °C!

Measuring the density of colloid:

Immerse the TDS meter into colloid following switching on, then You can read the solution’s density on the display.

Measuring accuracy: 1 ppm (1mg/l).

Distilled water purchased in the pharmacy has ‘0’ density.

Colloid solution shall be prepared to 10 ppm density.

More is not better, do not use internally above 20 ppm!

Keep out the produced colloid of light!

You can produce excellent quality solution (colloid) with high silver content using the equipment. The size of these particles are 3-5 nm.

The size of the particles depends on following the instructions, that shall be followed when producing colloid silver.

Colloid silver production using this equipment is longer compared to other equipment, however, its quality is excellent, thus effective annihilation of fungi, bacteria and viruses are ensured. The colour (so the quality) of the received silver colloid does not change when stored appropriately.

The equipment utilizes timed intervals, making jumping polarity switch on the silver electrodes. These electrodes are made of 99.99% pure silver.


How the best quality is ensured? Beside the above mentioned time intervals, by a very accurate and constant current load on the electrodes, which is automatically and  continuously changing due to the silver saturation of the colloid solution.

Production of colloid silver is very simple using this equipment.


The equipment is pre-programmed, CPU-controlled, its operation is very simple.

Spill distilled water into a glass of 0.4-0.5 litre capacity. Rinse the glass with distilled water first. Connect the silver electrodes to the equipment and rinse with distilled water. Place the equipment with the electrodes to the side of the glass (see on the image). Connect the equipment to a free wall socket. If the electrodes are in water, the ‘electrode current’ red LED lights, production of the colloid silver is started.

Green ‘polarity switch’ LEDs switch each other in every 60 seconds.

The producing process is 6-48 hours (depending on the water quantity, temperature and quality). The process may be accelerated by heating the distilled water (to max. 56 °C).

The received solution is recommended to filter through a simple coffee filter paper.

The produced colloid silver is outstanding compared to the other colloid silver solutions, by annihilating pathogenic micro-organism and offering minimal efficiency loss in case of longer storage.


The quality of the used distilled water needs to be emphasized. The pre-requisite of producing excellent quality product is having outstanding quality water and very pure silver electrodes. 


Equipment producing colloid silver in some minutes or hours are unable to produce the same quality solution, so the efficiency of the unprofessionally produced solution is very limited and controversial.


Unfortunately there are more and more ads where a simple notebook charger is sold to produce silver colloid, but I have also seen 3 pieces of 9V batteries connected in line as ‘colloid producers’.


If You trans-illuminate the colloid silver in complete darkness using a laser pointer, the visible laser beam shows the fine trace in the colloid silver. This fine trace exactly refers to the high quality of the produced colloid. This phenomenon is called TYNDALL EFFECT, which is an important tool to measure the quality of colloid silver.

Benefits of quality colloid silver produced by the equipment:

- the smaller the particles, the higher the concentration (ppm) on its total surface, meaning higher efficiency against pathogens.

- the smaller the particles, the faster the colloid moves in the entire body and leave it thanks to the digestive system.

If the particles are larger (low quality colloid silver solution), it might be accumulated in the liver.



Store the ready colloid silver in dark bottle, and avoid contact with strong electro-magnetic field sources (such as computer, television, mobile phone, microwave oven etc.) and direct sunlight. It shall not be frozen!

Maintenance of the electrodes:

Always wipe the electrodes with a paper wiper after use. Clean the electrodes only mechanically, never use liquid detergents. A simple sponge with rough surface used to dishwashing is perfect for this maintenance.

The clarity of the electrodes and the purity of the distilled water are required to successfully produce high-quality colloid silver, which may be very useful to improve and maintain Your health.


The colloid silver is known for being chemically neutral to all liquids and medicines, including antibiotics.


It does not irritate the digestive system, meaning that colloid silver may be used by people suffering in acute stomach acid problems, spasm and other digestive problems.

Colloid silver research revealed, that most bacteria and viruses are unable to develop self-defence mechanism against it.

Colloid silver kills not only pathogens, but body-friendly bacteria as well (just like antibiotics). Therefore, these bacteria shall be strengthened by taking probiotics.

Application of colloid silver in the official medicine in Europe and in the USA showed up between 1933 and 1939, as a primary medicine at some diagnoses, prior to the invention of antibiotics:


- acne

- arthritis

- irritation

- gastritis

- burns

- diabetes

- colitis

- cystitida

- eczema

- peptic ulcer

- mildew in the bowels

- rheumatism

- rhinitis

- dermatitis

- pneumonia

- psoriasis

- infectious diarrhea

- keratitis

- herpes

- skin fungus

- otitis media

- prostate enlargement

- blepharitis

- discharge of nasal cavity

- flu

- pancreatitis


History of silver therapy:

The ancient Indian medicine noticed the anti-microbe properties of silver first. Common application of silver as anti-microbe tool was first used in the Roman Empire. Foods were stored in silver vessels in every patrician houses, silver coins were put into milk and fluids. This tradition was also known in the medieval ages. Use of silver cutlery and pots were quite common. Even the holy water pots were made of silver in the church, so the water was practically disinfected in them.

The best period of colloid silver was between the two world wars. Silver was used as medicine to cure infectious diseases at first, orally or intravenously. However, during the World War II, sulfonamides, and then antibiotics showed up on the market.

Another condition was against colloid silver, that since the ‘60s, natural substances was not allowed to patented in pure forms as medicines.

So nobody had got exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and distribute them.


This fact was also responsible to prefer antibiotics rather than silver, which is a symbolic transition from medicines to great business.

In 1993, information were revealed about the astronauts equipment, causing a new interest against colloid silver. It has become public, that both American and Russian astronauts (cosmonauts), so people paying much attention on their health, fly Universe with colloid silver sets, which are for widespread healthcare and hygienic use.

In 1997, it has become public, that the chief medical officer or US Ministry of Defense trusted a special professional group to find those most efficient anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-septic substances, that are easily available in military operations – the winner was the colloid nano-silver!

Application methods of colloid silver:

The most efficient method for internal use is to drink silver in the morning and in the evening, while taking probiotics in the form of yoghurts or tablets/fluids. Dosage of colloid depends on the ppm concentration of the solution.

You may perform mouth rinse – which removes halitosis and plaque bacteria. Throat and nasal cavity rinse are very efficient too.

You may perform vagina rinse, anus disinfection or ear cleaning.

It is also excellent for external therapy of acne, rashes, eczema, bruises and insect bites.

Colloid silver belongs to the most effective fluids if speaking about fungi, particularly in the digestive tract. Combination of enema and drinking colloid silver significantly supports human body suffering in fungus infection.

In case of pets, we can dab wounds and rashes with colloid silver, or disinfect their toys and bowls.

Even infected house flowers may be watered with colloid silver. Put some drops into the water, and You will see, that the plant remains fresh longer.

Colloid silver, the natural antibiotics

The quantity effect of silver trace element is defensive and improves Your immune system. Minerals of colloid solution have 98% absorption rate, compared to the 40-60% value of tablets. Colloid silver is a pure metal silver diluted in distilled water, which can be purchased in the pharmacy. The size of the particles are between 3 and 5 nm. The size of a virus is 15-150 nm, while bacteria vary between 350 and 1000 nm. Colloid silver may directly enter into the pathogens, efficiently annihilating them.


High-quality colloid silver:

- Safe

- Non-toxic

- Works as antibiotics

- Kills more than 650 pathogens

- Kills fungi and mildew

- Supports cell’s development

- Is not stored

- Does not irritate mucous

- Does not cause addiction

- Does not contain free radicals

- Cleans and disinfects water

- Has anti-inflammation effect

- Disinfects

- Enters directly into the tissues

- Does not irritate eyes

- Does not react with other medicines

- Strengthens immunity

- Safe during pregnancy or nursins

- Colourless

- Odourless


Purchase options:

- Ready-to-use, tested equipment with 2 years of warranty: 80 EUR

- 99.99% pure silver electrodes, 2 pcs of 10 cm length with 2 mm diameter: 25 EUR

- Digital TDS meter: 12 EUR




The equipment is not suitable to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Specification and effects may vary. In case of application during taking medicines, it is recommended to consult with a professional.  Silver colloid may complement medical therapy. If You have any medical condition, consult with Your general practitioner!


Update: July 1, 2023.

In the recent period, distillation devices have become available at favorable prices, and as a result, many people have made purchases. However, they are complaining that they are unable to produce water with "0" purity using these devices.

Here, I will share how I make distilled water using such a distillation device:



The device needs to be filled with 4 liters of water, and at the end, approximately 2.5 liters of distilled water will be obtained.

At my home, the tap water has a PPM measurement of around 250-300. I filter this water through a reverse osmosis water purifier, which reduces the PPM to 13-18.

I boil this 13-18 PPM water in an electric kettle and pour it hot into the distillation device. I pre-boil the water because the distillation device operates at 750W, and if I pour cold water into it, it will take a long time to heat up. With the electric kettle, it quickly reaches the boiling point, and then I pour the hot water into the distillation device. After a few minutes of starting the device, it begins to drip the distilled water.

Now comes the important part:

I want to emphasize that I did not come up with the method of producing high-quality distilled water. I am simply applying the knowledge and experience of experienced distillers.

At the beginning of the distillation process, the dripping water is not suitable for collection. So I place a glass under the device to collect the distilled water. When there is enough water in the glass, I use a TDS meter to measure it.

As long as the TDS meter shows a value other than "0," I repeat the process of placing a clean glass under the distillation device and measuring the water that comes out.

Once the water coming out of the device reads "0" on the TDS meter, I place a container underneath it, and from that point on, only pure "0" PPM water will be collected.

If the first 1-1.5 deciliters of water at the beginning are not removed but left in the collection container, it will compromise the overall quality because in many cases, this initial portion is of lower quality than the water poured into the distillation device.

For the production of silver colloid, it is mandatory to have "0" PPM water!